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Re: Help

Intrepid Soldier wrote (intrepidsoldier@xxxxxxxxx):

> I was trying to implement a new filesystem (actually just trying to mount
> remote ftp drives ) I was facing a few problems in the kernel code.

Hardcore unix gurus would argue that ftp fs functionality does not belong in
the kernel (and they would probably be correct). But that does not help you
with what youre doing.

Although not entirely relevent, here is something that could be interesting -

Have a look at Pavel Machek's podfuk.c (bad name, I agree and so does it's


podfuk is a user mode fs driver (which understands tar files) and is
implemented using the coda kernel module. The idea is that you replace venus
(the coda user space cache manager) with your own fs driver. Note that coda
is also available for other unixen which makes your fs portable if implemented
this way; podfuk already runs on linux and solaris with minor mods.

Similar projects -

userfs - http://www.goop.org/~jeremy/userfs/
PerlFS - http://www.assurdo.com/PerlFS/index.html
JavaFS - http://giantlaser.com/javafs/
UserVFS (the new podfuk) - http://uservfs.sourceforge.net/

Since your program is entirely in user space, this should be a lot easier than
hacking kernel code.

- Raja