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Re: fast reboot ...??

> At init 1, you still have the kernel running. I have heard that it IS
> possible to just load a different kernel instead.
yeah... but unless u r developing the kernel, in most cases u don't need to
restart the kernel. Also there is this patch i was reading about recently,
which allows u to load another kernel while your present one is running, and
then the new kernel will start, and load the system (something similar to
what loadlin does under dos!). This way though u only save the bios post
time, which is quite low on most of the modern systems if u do a warm reboot
or select the quick boot option. I find that this time is so low, that i
normally don't need that extra time spent. For my kind of work, init1, init
3/5 does the stuff in almost all the cases!

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