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Re: Linux Kernel scheduling

> > > However, having many open connections != many threads
> > with java and the normal blocking io, each open connection eats up a new
> > thread
> Not necessarily. You could use thread pooling to get fewer threads to
> that many connections. All the appservers in the market do this.
Even with thread pooling, i can still maintain only 1 open connection per
thread at a time. Basically here we are making a server, which needs to
maintain an open connection with each connected client. Since we hav to hav
1 thread per connection, it is very easy to hit a plateu with JDKs which
implement threads using native threads (IBM JDK!!!) The only solution to
this problem that we cud find was to get the appeal jrockit jvm which
implements a many to many threading model. The only problem being that if i
run tomcat under it, it eats up 100MB+ ram, but if i use IBM JDK, then it
eats up only abt 20-30mb of ram normally.

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