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RE: device driver

HI Amit
I am now going through the source of Bluetooth device driver
(www.developer.axis.com) this is implemented as char diver.
In Rubin's Device driver book he is using file_operation structure defining
the function the and registering this structure with the kernal using

But in this Bluetooth driver they are using tty_driver and tty_ldisk  and
resgistering with the kernal using tty_register_driver(..)

My question is when we have to use the above and when the lower one. And
also where can I get more details about the second implementation.
If you have any good links any other maerials pls send to me. My e-amil is
kugan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or
Thank you verymuch

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On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, V.Kugan wrote:

> Hi Amit
> Thank you very much, but still I have few more doubts.
> Yes , as u say i will heve to implement functions in file_operation
> structure and register that with the kerlnal while initializing the device
> driver.
> But my question is about tty_driver struct and tyy driver and how to use
> what is the difference between this and the earlier, May be I am missing
> whole point here :(  .
> Thank you very much
> V.Kugan

I am not sure i understand what your question is ? What about the
tty_driver struct ? Can u be a little more specific ?


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