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Re: Segmentation faults and Core Dump


 The only answer to core dump is pointer(barring divide by zero but I think 
that's trapped)

Check *ALL* pointers in your code. I don't have much experinece with 
programming but out of  hundreds of core dump I have traced so far, every 
single of them was due to pointer.

 Either you try to use a function pointer that's invalid or access data by 
reference of a pointer, that's invalid.

Just track down those buggers... :-)


On Tuesday 27 March 2001 17:03, Senthil Devan wrote:
> My program (comprising nearly 10 Source files) crashes with segmentation
> fault. I am not able to back track (bt) in gdb as the stack is getting
> corrupted. I also tried where in gdb (I haven't used where much), but it
> was not of much help. I need some suggestions as how segmentation faults
> can be tracked down. I also want to know about core dump file and how it
> can be used to find the cause of segmentation fault.