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RE: device driver

Hi Amit
Thank you very much, but still I have few more doubts.
Yes , as u say i will heve to implement functions in file_operation
structure and register that with the kerlnal while initializing the device
But my question is about tty_driver struct and tyy driver and how to use and
what is the difference between this and the earlier, May be I am missing the
whole point here :(  .
Thank you very much

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Read this article by Alan Cox on network buffers and memory management.
It talks of some basics of device drivers.


In general u might want to implement atleast the ioctl, open and close
operations in the file_structure.

A good place to start loooking at sample code is drivers/net/skeleton.c

ps. and yes as someone pointed out, Rubini's book is good for basics

> --- "V.Kugan" <kugan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I am very new device drivrer.
> > I asked few questiobs earlier as well but no answer
> > :(, may be they are too
> > trival.
> > Now i have seen some char diver deining
> > file_operation structer and some
> > tty_driver, how do i no what to select?? can anyone
> > pls answer this.
> > And also is there any news group for discussing
> > general device driver
> > related questions for linux , may be i should see
> > that archive.
> > Thank you very much.
> > V.Kugan

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