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Re: getc() and fgetc()

I get that sir ;)
At this moment can't think of a code snippet. What i meant to say that, may
be you've seen this too, the prog goes into an infinite loop printing the
same character it scanned. this happens when you give a character input
where an integer was expected, may be that happens in some special cases.

i shall surely get such a case and mail here.

These things happened when i started programming, in the first year, why i
got this thing now was because i read recently that scanf skips white spaces
and can go into infinite loop if it cannot scan what it wants, just
reminiscent of the experiences.

Anyways thanks for the reply.
And yes now onwards:  he is == he's != hez.

Best of Regards
In a world without fences...
who needs gates?

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> Disillusioned forced the electrons to say:
> > Binand definitely has a nice reply, even though hez not a help desk for
> > linux ;-)
> Rahul,
> Would you mind reposting your question? Helpdesk or not, I couldn't make
> or tail out of your mail. Use more precise terms rather than 'program goes
> for an infinite joyride' or such. Also, "hez" is not an acceptable shor
> for "he's".
> Some code that illustrates the problem you face would be nice.
> Binand