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Re: device driver

Hi Kugan
  Probably you are compiling your code on some older
kernel version. while compilation use gcc option -Wall
to see all WARNINGS. It is better to go thru
Alessandro Rubini's books on Device Driver. You can
send the error in details.


--- "V.Kugan" <kugan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I am very new device drivrer.
> I asked few questiobs earlier as well but no answer
> :(, may be they are too
> trival.
> Now i have seen some char diver deining
> file_operation structer and some
> tty_driver, how do i no what to select?? can anyone
> pls answer this.
> And also is there any news group for discussing
> general device driver
> related questions for linux , may be i should see
> that archive.
> Thank you very much.
> V.Kugan
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