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Re: Seeking a Linux or Unix programming guru for CTO position [Commercial]

> by the way what are your requirements for that job...?

Both the CTO and developer positions offer higher salaries and much more upside potential than top multinationals in India offer for similar positions ... we're building a small "dream team" and need to find incredible developers who love creating technology.

CTO qualifications:
- Excellent C++ and OOPS experience;
- Extensive Unix/C (systems programming) knowledge (e.g. IPC, networking);
- SQL experience;
- (Optional) Perl experience;
- Extensive and successful project management experience working at or with multinational companies;
- Creative and very intelligent;
- A natural leader who can motivate and support a team of software developers under deadline pressure;
- Honesty and integrity;

Developer qualifications:
- Guru in either C++, Linux, databases, systems programming, or Perl;
- Very intelligent. CS degree from a top school and top academic record are preferred;
- Exceptional past achievements (either technically or academically);
- Team player, hard worker;
- Honesty and integrity;

If you are a remarkable candidate for either the CTO or developer positions, please apply. Absolute confidentiality is assured, and we will make compelling offers to the right candidates.

If you know someone exceptional who would be truly outstanding for either of these positions, please email me about them (CTO@xxxxxxxxxxxx). We are offering a finder's fee (and my gratitude) to the person initially responsible for introducing us to a candidate that we hire -- Rs. 50000 for the CTO position and Rs. 25000 for any other position. I'm placing details of this offer at http://belzabar.com/apply/finder.html.

A copy of the original post follows. Many thanks.

David Bodnick

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Subject: Seeking a Linux or Unix programming guru for CTO position

We've had a tough time finding someone with the right credentials to be our Chief Technology Officer in India, so I'm hoping that someone on this list would either be qualified for this position or know someone who is. It is a fantastic opportunity for the right candidate, with a great base salary and enormous upside potential.

Our company, Belzabar Software Development LLC, is an innovative New York-based startup that will be opening an office in India in one of the high-tech cities. We are working on a number of interesting Internet and non-Internet software development projects that are both server-based and client-based. We love Linux for server-side and database-backed apps, and usually create client-based front ends for Windows.

Although we are developing server- and client- based applications and not OS software, we are looking for someone who is knowledgeable and comfortable with systems-level programming (IPC, networking, etc via C/Unix) as well as application-level programming in C++. Database experience would be nice too. The reason is that high volume systems can benefit from a real performance advantage when the capabilities of the O/S are leveraged.

We want candidates for the CTO position to have experience managing software projects and motivating developers, although we will also be hiring developers who do not need to have management experience. (The developer positions are also very well paid and offer great upside potential, and can be applied for online.)

If you have the qualifications for this position or know someone who has, or if you have ideas for where we should look to find candidates with these qualifications, please send a letter or CV to us at CTO@xxxxxxxxxxxxx We will maintain complete confidentiality.

Thanks and very best regards.

David Bodnick