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Re: Xproto.h


A closer look at the X lib manual and some juggling with the functions provided what I was looking for.

The member "u.u.detail" of struct _xEvent (line 1000 in Xproto.h) is the keycode for KeyPress & KeyRelease events, while for ButtonPress & ButtonRelease events, it is the number of the mouse button (1 to 5).

	Display *dpy;
	KeySym *sym, *temp;
	KeyCode firstkeycode;
	int min, max, num, count;

1. XDisplayKeycodes(dpy, &min,&max);
	- Gives the range of valid keycodes.
2. sym = XGetKeyboardMapping(dpy, firstkeycode, count, &num);
	- Returns a list of keysyms for the given range of keycodes.
3. XKeysymToString(*temp);
	- Gives the name (or character) corresponding to the keysym 'temp'.

- Karthika

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