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Re: Re: [LIG] Seeking a Linux or Unix programming guru for CTO position


 Dump this thread. I can see it moving to LIG. But move it bit faster. LIP is 
supposedly workplace.. We have got work to do right...


On Tuesday 20 March 2001 14:33, Ruchir Tewari wrote:
> I agree with Naban. The clause to put a Commercial tag
> is just a request with a 'please', not even a rule.
> Calling it an offense and giving a warning and a threat to boot,
> is what crossed the bounds of politeness, rather than
> the mail of the original poster. The original post is quite on-topic
> and relevant IM-not-so-HO, compared to all the other nonsense that is
> discussed here. If it had to be said, it should have been in
> a more polite manner and in a private mail.