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Re: Re: icmp/ping implementation in linux

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Gaurav Priyolkar wrote:

> UNP Vol.1, Richard Stevens has an implementation of ping. 
> Section 25.5 - Ping program.

yeah but that's bsd code I guess. What I basically want is

i) set the DF bit ( dont defrag )
ii) send large packets

currently linux's ping doesnot have the DF bit setting option, however it
has the (ii)nd. What I am keen to know is, I find the kernel's icmp_send() 
curtails any bit in excess of 576. So even if i do a 

ping -s 1000 

some_one the outgoing packet size may not be what I want.

  Can anyone help me in resolving this. I am also uncertain whether
kernel's icmp_send() is used for sending packets generated by user level
code. If it is not then I can just write my own ping for that.( i.e add a
couple of lines to an existing ping code ). Any help ....


p.s if anyone has linux's iputils code, can i get the ping.c off list