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Re: G[TD]K

Gaurav Priyolkar wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just started learning GTK programming. The tutorial at www.gtk.org
> is excellent and I am having no problems with that.
> GDK however is another story all together. All they have is a manual
> which only gives prototypes of the various functions but with no code
> examples. Searches on Google drew up a blank (for the first time) as
> well.
> Can someone direct me to some decent GDK documentation or some code?

There doesn't seem to have any documentation for GDK that describes it's
in detail (as far as I know). If you are using gtk, then you perhaps
wouldn't need
GDK except for some low level manupulation such as pixmaps,
accelerators, styles,
colors etc.

But I can garantee you that once you become comfortable with GTK, you
find much difficulty in working with GDK.

Well, IMHO, GDK/GTK header files are the best tutorials (the gtk
tutorial you
mentioned is a bit out of sync with the current state of gtk
development, especially when
you are concerned with bleeding-edge techs :-)).

Another good advice is to subscribe to their mailing list (www.gtk.org).
You will get the answers
to all kind of gdk/gtk questions.

If you still want something in written form, there is a book written for
I don't have the title/author right now, but if you insist, then I can
tell you tomorrow.
This book is really a good piece of cake and you can easily get it from
any book stall
that sells linux books. But, in this case also, it is not upto date, as
gtk is a fast
developing project.



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