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Re: process migration on linux

sameer  atar wrote (sameeratar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx):

> we  are a group of TE comp students wanting to do BE project on process
> migration on LINUX platform.can anybody give info(links,documents etc.)in
> this regard.

> we didn't find much info on net.

Have a look at www.mosix.org for exactly that.

The high-availability projects may also be of some interest. They also try to
create a single system image from several independent machines.

Migrating all processes may sometimes be infeasible... transparently migrating
network connections, shared memory btwn other processes and other IPC
resources will be quiet a challenge.

Process migration with some coperation (checkpointing) from the target
processes would be comparably easier. The University of Wisconsin team employ
checkpointing in their 'Condor' project at www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/.

Good Luck!

- Raja