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Re: Source code for TCP Dump

> > > I am sorry i didnt try Google, I just tried yahoo.
> > always try yahoo, and then google.. google can fish out real
> > obscure things that u won't expect it to!!!
> and waste your valuable time figuring out the site u need in the search
> results.. I used to use yahoo myself until i came to know of google, and
> thereafter yahoo has'nt gained a hit from me..
yahoo is good only for certain kinds of searches (especially finding sites
for some organisation/company/univ etc.) for my kind of search needs yahoo
is out almost always.. google rocks!!! Also sometimes it makes sense to use
something like webferret or metacrawler if u r searching for something
really obscure, and if u can get something like 2-3 matches on sites like
google and altavista! After having used search engines for some time now, i
feel that this is something that u hav to spend some time learning! u will
hav to know which search engine to use and when, and with what kind of
querry. for sites like yahoo, u search for real names, etc. on google u will
search for keywords that u think wud be on the page u r searching for (and
this is the imp part!) and which wud only be on those pages!!!

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