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why multiple messages from kernel

Please clarify my doubt.

I have created a RAW socket with domain PF_ROUTE and protocol NETLINK_ROUTE.
I am doing select on this socket to listen any Route and Interface related
messages from

Then I modified my system IP address to (subnet mask, bcast
from ( subnet mask, bcast  using
ifconfig command.

I got messages from kernel like this.

1. Delete IF address  on eth0
2. New IF address   on eth0
3. New Route entry  
4. New Route entry  (gateway
5. New Route entry  (gateway
6. New Route entry  (gateway

7. Delete IF address  on eth0    (Note this : deletion of new
8. New IF address   on eth0
9. New Route entry  
10. New Route entry  (gateway
11. New Route entry  (gateway
12. New Route entry  (gateway

13. Delete IF address  on eth0
14. New IF address   on eth0
15. New Route entry  
16. New Route entry  (gateway
17. New Route entry  (gateway

I could not understand, Why These many messages(most of them duplicates)
from kernel? 
Why IF address deletion for my new address,  and again
I didnot get any Route entry deletion for my old address
Why this is happening?  I am using redhat  kernel version 2.2.14.