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Re: file creation time

Thanks for the numerous replies. 

Quoting Binand Raj S,
> I am sure there is a better way to achieve what you want to do. If
> you tell us what it is, we can probably suggest a viable 
> alternative.

I have to monitor the activities done by X Window applications in a Linux system. I must report what files have been modified, which applications used, etc. I have been able to capture certain events, such as window caption changes. When the caption of a window changes (to a file name), I must determine what its source was: opening of an existing file or creation of a new file. I am planning to call my to-be-written function that will find the time of creation of this file (caption), compare with the current system time, and hence say if it was a file "open" or "creation" operation.

Quoting shubhendu,
> i think so 
> file creation can be captured by writting some shell 
> script run as background process 

Please tell how I should get notified of a file creation command.

Quoting Pichai Asokan
> Will the inode timestamps be of any use?

What does the inode timestamp stand for, and how can I access it?

Thanks a lot!
- Karthika

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