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Re: bootp


check out www.ltsp.org

--- Pratap Chakravarthy
<pratap.chakravarthy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hello all,
>     There is small query from my friend who is stuck
> with that.
> He is working on BOOTP where he has to use the
> protocol to get the boot image from the server.
> There are 4 CPUs in their board and each CPU needs
> different boot image[here the board is the client].
> The 4 boot images are present in  the server. The
> problem is how to get the name of the
> boot images from the server. The server has to be
> configured to serve the 4 boot images on
> request. Can anyone help on this. Pointers on the
> net would be very much helpful.
> Thanks in advance
> pratap
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