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Re: Re: File creation time

A TSR is a Terminate and Stay Rsident Program.One of the standard example of
TSR is teh doskey .What happens is that when ever u press a key on the
then an interrupt is generated and the appropraite ISR (interrrupt service
routine) is  called
which  takes  care of the handling of the key pressed  in the keyboard.What
happens is that
in  MSDOS is that the doskey TSR sits instead of the ISR and stores the keys
pressed in the buffer until a enter key is pressed and also calls the normal
ISR for each key pressed.
Coming to  TSR'sthey have become extinct as windows doesn't allow u to
the ISR etc.The DOS that u r running on windows is not the real one but a
one and so is the doskey Program.In Linux u r not allowed to access the ISR
and hence
the prospect of TSR's become impossible.If it is allowed it may lead to a
security  bug
may be.
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> Karthika  Sivaramakrishnan forced the electrons to say:
> > Is it possible to write a TSR to capture the file creation command in
> > If so, how?
> Linux creates various types of file system entries, all by different
> calls. It may not be possible to monitor all these syscalls. And I have
> absolutely no idea what a TSR is.
> I am sure there is a better way to achieve what you want to do. If you
tell us
> what it is, we can probably suggest a viable alternative.
> Binand
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