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Re: Inline function

You are mistaken....
Later versions of the ISO & the ANSI C standard (i.e., C9x standards; especially
the C99 standard) include the inline function as part of the language.....

Check out the gcc homepage....gcc 3.0 is supposed to be completely compatible with
the C99 standard

"Binand Raj S." wrote:

> V Kugan forced the electrons to say:
> > Can anyone please tell me the usage of inline functions in c. k&r wasnt of
> > much use for this. If u can pls give me an example it would be of real help.
> > Thanking you in advance.
> There are no inline functions in both ISO and K&R C. There is a GCC extension,
> whose docs are available by simply typing 'info gcc' at your prompt. But be
> warned that such non-standard extensions tend to be non-portable as well.
> Binand
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