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Re: Sorce code of lp

Writing a program to print is not an easy task if you want to bypass lpd.
Unless your file is
pure postscript and your printer is a postcsript printer you could always
dump(say a cat) the file to /dev/lp*.
Or you could issue the command lpr which runs through various filters
(depending on your filetype and /etc/printcap settings)
and then sends it suitably to your printer. thats how netscape, staroffice,
abiword. do it. They just provide a text field to type your
lpr command and execute it blindly. The lpr takes care of queueing and
other stuff...
In short your program should just call lpr [options] filename :)

Aravind S

Sumit Rangwala wrote:

> Hi
>         I was trying to write a C program that would print a file on  a
> printer. I think on Linux you need to submit it to lp ( a deamon) . If I
> intend to bypass the lp commnad where should i write the content of my
> file i intend to print . I thought of looking at the source code of lp
> but was unable to find it. Can someone help me out?
> Any pointers would be of great help.
> Regards
> Sumit
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