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RE: X Event capturing

>I am developing a software to monitor events in X Window (Linux). I am 
using C (and Xlib) only. How >can I detect if an event has occurred for a 
particular window?

U shud specify the event mask for the events in which u r interested. for 
this try following function in the loop.

XWindowEvent ( display, window, event_mask, &event);

Purpose : Receives the next event that matches a specified event mask and 

display can be obtained by
Display *display = XtDisplay( w ); /* w is widget in which u r interested 

window can be obtained by
Window *window = XtWindow( w ); /* w is widget in which u r interested */

event_mask can be a list in the form of
(ButtonReleaseMask | Button1MotionMask) etc.

declare event as Xevent event;

if possible buy a book by Nabajyoti Barakakati (X Window System 
Programming) 350 Rs. it will help u a lot. if i could get some time i ll 
try to give u some small working code.

for advance topics u can visit following site.