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connect() through squid

hi everybuddy,
	Thanks to the list for pointers I have written an implementation
of connect() function which along with LD_PRELOAD allows me to connect to 
the internet from behind a squid proxy which also uses authentication. All
this is completely transparent to the applications, so they assume as if
they are directly connected to the internet.

	I can now telnet & ssh anywhere , use fetchmail, and other IM's
which need direct connection to the internet otherwise :-) I have tested 
ymessenger, which did not work before as it had no option for proxy auth.
And irc chat works too. I had been dying to be on irc.linux-india.org :)

	The implementation is still very crude, without good error
checking. I have started a project for this on sourceforge.net at
http://sourceforge.net/projects/transconnect/ . And have put the first
crudest version out there.

	yes, It may be insecure, but it allows me to ssh to
sourceforge.net and manage my projects :-)


#!!!	If anything can go wrong, _FIX_ it. (To hell with MURPHY)
						Ajay kumar Dwivedi