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library fuction calls

hi all,
	I am trying to write a wrapper for one of the library functions
(more specifically connect() ). Now what I want is whenever some application 
calls connect()  my_connect should be called. my_connect does some
checks on the sockaddr and then calls connect().
	I have noticed that there are aliases for connect like __connect
and __libc_connect in the glibc source. I have written the code for
connect() function which I am compiling as a shared library with -shared
option. Now my questions are:

1. How do I make the system use my connect() function instead of the
   glibc's connect(). 

2. I need to call the glibc's connect() in my connect(). How do i do
this. (I am trying this by calling __connect and __libc_connect instead in
my connect and compiling a program with this shared lib. Obviously its not
working, it seems like I am getting into infinite recursion.)

	Please help.

	Thanks in advance.


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