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Hello world,

just a small information. this is to inform you of the opening of a local
chapter of lug. this is as the subject says is directed to the North India
Linus fans but anybody is welcome to join it.
We are based in chandigarh but are open to any enthu person.

so looking forward to having you on the group.
We'll start with the basics and mature gradually.
Any suggestions from the gurus here are most welcome.
Excuse me for cross posting this to Li*, this is as they say "for max

Subscribe:  lug-northindia-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unsubscribe:  lug-northindia-unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
List owner:  lug-northindia-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
URL (temp) : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lug-northindia

Hope to see you there. Long live Linux!!!!

P.S.: we are soon going to have our own website.


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