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Re: RE: Hi

On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Mohan Prabhu (IE10) wrote:

: I have not tried but you can try it out and check whether it
: really works. I have tried only few commercial windows XML
: parsers.

There is James Clark's nsgmls, the best parser available (better than
its commercial counterparts) for all platforms which along with -w xml
switch can parse your XML documents painlessly. Why there is a
necessity of an IDE, all you need is an ASCII editor (emacs might be a
choice because it has an XML editing mode with psgml), a parser
(nsgmls can do the job or look for IBM's XML parser in Java), an XSL
processor (XT of James Clark, Xalan, Lark, etc). LT XML (Language
Technology Group, Edinburg Univ) a collection of XML processing tools,
is also available in Linux, which is worth trying.

Please visit:


for a variety of software tools for processing XML documents. As you
can see, most of the tools are written in Java, it works well with
your Linux box, provided you have Java Virtual Machine running.

The best site for XML related information will be Robin Cover's XML
pages at:


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