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Re: shared library problem


"Guruprasad, Mahendrakar V (IE10)" wrote:

> 2> su ( Become Super User )
> 3> mv libmylib.so /lib

May I know why? /usr/local/lib may be a better place. Better you put following
line in your shell startup srcipt like .bash_profile


Shall I say what you need to do additionally?

> 4> /sbin/ldconfig -n /lib ( See if this instruction can be skipped or not )

Not required if you export LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

> 5> then u can link it with -lmylib

That's the goal.

> Following the above approach doesn't give "no such file or directory"

Sure but it's not a good/safe practice to fiddle around system directories with
your development work. You are excused in /usr/local. So make it world writable
and own it to some user. No problem. But please don't advise to mess around /lib

And BTW, I think the message was bit too long. It could have been trimmed a bit
more.. :-))

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