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I cannot access my Root account after installing Mandrake

Hi all,
I faced a peculiar problem today.. I installed Mandrake 7.0 onto my PIII 550
system on an exclusive ex2fs partition..
The machine is connected to five more Pc's and a HP-Unix server.. While
installing Mandrake I made my system to participate in that network along
with the HP Unix server.. Now all th installation is over and I rebooted..My
machine has also a Host name..
Now after i rebooted i could not log into my Root account.. But i could
access my other user accounts.. I used the console mode and not the X-window
I reinstalled again and found the same problem.. I have installed Linux many
a times, but never let it participate in a network.. This is the first time
i connected it to a network..( or rather had an oppurtunity to experiment
with networking)
ALso when i logged into linux using my other login , i could ping into the
server and also do "ftp"...
But no root access.. I am highly puzzled..
Can any one help me..???