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GTK query


I am working with GTK in Linux. I would like to know how to
1. Create a pop-up window to confirm some action. This must lead to the main window becoming insensitive to events, which I am unable to do.
2. Create the pop-up window as above without the property to be resized.

I have created an application with multiple windows. I have created 2 separate files (programs), one for window1 and another for window2. Suppose after window1 is opened, window2 (an independent window, not child) will open. I have hidden window1 so that window2 alone is visible. I am not able to destroy window2 and *return* to window1, which has been hidden. Control does not seem to quit gtk_main() of window2 and return *automatically* to window1. I tried to "include" program1 in program2, but it led to mutual inclusion of the 2 programs (files). However, if both the window creation-programs are in the same file, I get the required behaviour. Is this problem because of the occurrence of gtk_main() in both the files (in the former case)? Anyway, it works in the latter case. How can I overcome it?

Thanking you for your attention. Waiting for an answer,		
- Karthika

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