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RE: Reading directories and files

On Tuesday, January 30, 2001 12:05 AM, Rajeev Rao [SMTP:rbsrao@xxxxxxxxxxx]
| >I don't understand this. If you can locate a file, you should know
| >the
| >directory ;-).
| Well, If I'm trying to create a dialog box, to traverse my
| filesystem,
| I don't want to keep track of the prefix pathname. It is easier if
| the I can 
| obtain my position automatically when required.

Don't get this still. But if you want to traverse, you need to know where
you are, right? Or you could change the current directory each time the user
goes to a different directory and then use getcwd (man getcwd) to get the
pathname. But this is an awkward way to do it. I would still suggest that
you make sure the dialog box code keeps track of this.
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