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RE: Reading directories and files

| Hello,
|    How does one contents of the current (or any) directory using C.
| How can I traverse the directory tree from a C program.

See opendir and readdir functions.
I've checked the man pages, but I couldn't understand them. They talk about two different structures, DIR and dirent. I'm not certain if I can, or how I can extract the names from these structures.(The functions return pointers to these structures

"info libc"

I'll look at this.

| If I locate a file in a given directory(after a random set of
| traversals) is
| there a way to obtain its absolute path in the form of a string?

I don't understand this. If you can locate a file, you should know the
directory ;-).

Well, If I'm trying to create a dialog box, to traverse my filesystem,
I don't want to keep track of the prefix pathname. It is easier if the I can obtain my position automatically when required.


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