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Re: delete linux partitions

Moving to LIH, the appropriate forum:

On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, Abbas Asif spewed into the ether:
> hi
> i wanted to delete my linux partitions as i want to throughly
> dedicate my 1 HDD to windows and the other HDD to linux.so booted
> through a bootable red hat 6.2 cd and run disk druid.it deleted all
> of them and saved the changes to partition table.but when again i run
> disk druid it is again showing those partitions.Someone told me to
> use linux fdisk,i run linux cd in rescue mode and tried fdisk but it
> is not able to delete it. i write the following at bash and get the
> output:
> bash# fdisk -l /dev/hda
> unable to open /dev/hda
> bash# fdisk -d /dev/hda
> invalid option --d.
> please tell me what should i do.
> disk druid is showing the following output
> /dev/hda1 win 95FAT 32
> /dev/hda5 linux native
> /dev/hda6 linux native
> /dev/hda7 linux native
> Do tell me how can i successfully delete these partitions.
> when i run windows fdisk it shows one pri-dos partition and the other
> ext-dos partition. help me.
> Abbas
Boot into linux rescue.
fdisk /dev/hda
Delete in reverse order (7,6,5,2)
Write to disk using w.
quit fdisk
That should do it.
Devdas Bhagat
The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.