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Re: Domain of sender address does not resolve

On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Ravi Prakash B.V. spewed into the ether:
> is trying to identify the sender domain (through reverse DNS)... I
> checked with our DNS and as well as destination DNS to resolve our
> domain name, it is working finely.
This should be on LIH, but here goes anyway:
You have to do something like this:

$nslookup <domain_name>
Server: <ip>
$nslookup <domain_ip>
This should give you the server name.
For example:
[devdas@interoffice devdas]$ nslookup worldgatein.com
Server:  ns1.worldgatein.com

Name:    worldgatein.com

[devdas@interoffice devdas]$ nslookup  
Server:  ns1.worldgatein.com

Name:    ns1.worldgatein.com

Devdas Bhagat
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