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Re: kernel compilation

Hi ,

The error in kernel compilation may because of missing some configuration.
While using menuconfig u might have missed something on which some other
configuration is dependent. This is just a possibility as i had also faced the
same type of problem. I cannot understand anything particularly from the file u
have attached


Rajeev Rao wrote:

> Hello,
>    I recently installed Caldera e-desktop 2.04 on my machine. I've been
> trying to re-configure and re-compile my kernel. These are the steps that I
> do
> make menuconfig   //Do the needfull
> make dep;make clean; make bzImage
> The compiling stops midway.
> I've copied the error stream as have sent the attachment. Can someone look
> at it and help me solve the problem.
> Thanks,
> Rajeev
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