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Re: some questions

i don't think that linux systems are GNOME running on the kernel!!!!!!!!

GNOME is only a window manager, something that manages how your Xprogrammed
windows look like and such other things.
A shell runs on the kernel and the shell are like bash, sh, csh, ksh and so

GNOME is not a shell.

i don't expect to be wrong but just in case, if the need be, reply

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> I m just answering one of the Qs :
> > 1. what is the difference between the linux system and
> > linux distribution. a book says the linux system is a
> > std environment for applications but does not provide
> > means of managing the full functionality. what does
> > that mean ?
> Linux system is just that - a system running the Linux Kernel. You can get
> linux system running by downloading the kernel and installing it and then
> installing whatever you want ( like GNOME) on top of that.
> On the other hand Linux Distribution is a predefined compilation of the
> Kernel and applications & maybe source-code and HOWTOs. So what you get
> RedHat , Caldera, SuSe is a Linux Distribution.
> In other words , all distributions are Linux systems also.
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> vibes..
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