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Re: installing from SCSI CD drive

in the worst case scenario, you cud try getting an identical hdd and then
copy stuff from the bad hdd to the other hdd sector by sector.. this shud
give you most of the data that is still intact on hdd. Don't try this though
if you have a hdd with a crashed head, as you might end up damaging any
remaining data in the hdd. Also in case your head is not crashed and if u
don't have an identical drive, then you might need to study the filesystem
storage method, and then do a search for the files that you wan't. This is a
long and messy process, so you might just wan't to redo your work unless you
have some irreplacable data, in which case you shud hav taken regular
backups and installed some form of raids!!!
> <despo>
> Can any 1 tell me how get some data from a crashed hard disk..
> sounds foolish, but i cant help it; got some code that me and others
> around need badly...
> </despo>
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