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Re: output of ps

On Tue, Jan 16, 2001 at 10:57:16AM +0530, Sreeramkr wrote:
> what is F, C, NI, WCHAN

man ps ?

F = flags
C = commandline 
NI = nice 
WCHAN = wait channel = the kernel function where the process is blocked.

> also y are some of these values 0. and what is time here? and why is it
> zero?

The precision is upto a second. The amount of CPU time consumed by that
process is < 1s.

> what does sz refer to? is it the size of the file? and y is it 0 incase of
> child which is defunc

The total size of all pages mapped (but not necessarily instantiated). A
defunct process doesn't have any.

> after the parent exited I did ps again
> I saw the priority for bash being changed to something else. how is this
> possible? y is it changing? arent the priorities fixed? or does teh kernel
> keeps changing the priorities dynamically? Please throw some light on this.
> I mean why it has to do this? 

Get an OS text book on process scheduling and read about how time sharing
systems favor processes that are IO bound vs those that are CPU bound and
how the priority of a process is computed based on it's past behavior.