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Crc Error

Hi all,
     I am writing some simple pseudo driver. It is working with insmod. If i
complied aith the kerenl itself the size is comming with (bzImage) 800Kb. By
that image when i am trying to boot with that bzImage i am getting crc error.
But when i grep that error it is showing in 8390 driver but it is ethernet
driver. When it showed the following lines

Uncompressing the linux kernel
Crc error
System halted.

In menuconfig
 (386) Processor family   
 (1GB) Maximum Physical

  [*] Math emulation    
*] MTRR (Memory Type
Range Register) support          
 [ ] Symmetric
multi-processing support      

The 8390 driver is already present in the 

I am not able to undetstand this error.

When i am compling the bzImage i followed this steps

make clean
make mrproper
make menuconfig
make dep
make bzImage
make modules
make modules_install

I am requesting the mailing  list members help regarding this error.

And also i want to know any mailinglist is present on the kernel specific