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Re: "Linux VIRUS!!!"

Shridhar Daithankar forced the electrons to say:
> 2)It uses known and patched RPC and wu-ftpd vulerabilities. All of us
> should thanks Binand/Suresh etc. for promoting pro-ftpd, which is more
> secure.

I was always for ftpd-BSD, not proftpd.  I have never used proftpd to
comment on it (though IIRC, it featured in a recent bugtraq posting).

ftpd-BSD can be downloaded from http://www.samiam.org/rpms

The latest SA about wu-ftpd was by Mandrakesoft on 15th Jan on bugtraq
(that recent!). I think Raju posted the advisory here also.


PS: To be totally fair, ftpd-BSD also had a recent bug, but one which
is not vulnerable on Linux. The link above is to the patched RPMs.