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Re: "time complexity"

 Amarendra GODBOLE molested the spacetime to project in our dimension:
> Hi,
> No, Shridhar, time complexity analysis is very important for a large 
> project. It gives you a fair estimate of the various resource and 
> processor requirements.
True,but it is indeed equally true that it doesnot give one the actual resource
requirement,which may differ vastly, at the time of execution.
> Every sort or search, when used, is FIRST analysed for its time complexity
Most of the algorithms you use have been proven,correct, complete etc. so you
rarely need to bother...
> (space complexity is not so important). Then a proper selection is made
Space complexity was important in the days of yore...
> as to which is to be used.
> Linux has n number of utilities which utilize sort or search in 
> one form or the other. 
Your point being ...
> Never underestimate the time complexity issue, you are sure to run into
> trouble.
Not very likely lest you are trying to find a sol. to  travelling salesman