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Re: "time complexity"

Oops.. Did I say it's not important?

I mean I know how important it is but I would rather prefer to compute in
theoretically ( which is going to be inaccurate) rather than computing it by

That's all I mean. At times even computing accurately might be the need. But that's
rare if you ask me...


P.S. My greycells are already dead. Why would I do a job otherwise? :-))

Amarendra GODBOLE wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 17, 2001, the greycells of Shridhar Daithankar expressed:
> Hi,
> No, Shridhar, time complexity analysis is very important for a large
> project. It gives you a fair estimate of the various resource and
> processor requirements.
> Every sort or search, when used, is FIRST analysed for its time complexity
> (space complexity is not so important). Then a proper selection is made
> as to which is to be used.
> Linux has n number of utilities which utilize sort or search in
> one form or the other.