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Re: Virus in linux????????

On Tue, Jan 16, 2001 at 08:04:29AM +0530, Rahul Jindal wrote:
> Hi nick, thanks for the reply,
> i did check up /etc/passwd and the shell for root is /bin/bash.
> what next?

at the lilo prompt, pass init=/bin/sh rw as a parameter to you're lilo
image. eg:

LILO: linux init=/bin/sh rw

when u're finally at a prompt after the kernel boots, execute 'chsh' and
see if everything is fine. execute 'vipw' and check that too. finally
execute 'passwd' and get a password installed fer r00t. and yeah, i have
my doubts with /bin/bash being sane. if its screwed, set u're shell with
chsh to something more raw, like csh/ksh/zsh/etc. and install a new copy
of bash.

Please move this thread onto LIH. I'm not on it, but I guess there're
quite a few ppl. who're more than willing ta help you out. LIP is no
place for seeking such help.