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RE: "time complexity"


i think time complexity and time of execution are two different things..
Of course execution time depends on time complexity of the algoritm but
also on the CPU, etc...

Time complexity is expressed as a function on "n" being the number of
inputs... refer Dikstra

I have not come accross any tool that gives the time complexity of the
algorithm. If some one has pls enlighten me..

It will be an interesting project to write one such tool...


On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, shubhendu wrote:

> hai friend 
> there  is one more good way to get the time taken by some process 
> use times system call
> first call this at the start of the program and once at the end
> and get the differance in the time values returned by both the calls 
> we can all the time usrtime , systime etc ..
> see 
> <>
> man 2 times  
> <>
> shell command time may be using same system call
> shubh
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