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i seem to have a problem with the lex library. when i
try to compile a simple lex program without main using
the command gcc -lfl lex.yy.c i get the following
error messages
/tmp/cci3rrkC.o:In fuction 'yylex':
/tmp/cci3rrkC.o:(.text+0x37c):undefined refrence to
/tmp/cci3rrkC.o:In fuction 'input':
/tmp/cci3rrkC.o:(.text+0xb46):undefined refrence to

if i include a main that does nothing more than call
yylex() then along with the above 2 error mesgs i also
get the following

in funtion main : multiple definition of main
warning : size of symbol main changed from 18 to 10

i use caldera and the flex version is 2.5.4 and egcs

i also had a problem with the ncurses library earlier
and had to install a newer version. do i have to do
the same here too. if so, is it as easy as installing
from an rpm or are there dependencies that i have to
worry about ?

please help


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