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Re: Make

I have some ideas, I am not sure if you want to write an utility that is
already there or a new utility

1. One obvious utility everybody tries to design is our good old "GREP", why
don't you give it a try.

2. With LEX & YACC (FLEX & BISON for LINUX) , you could design some
parsers,for (MENU-GENERATION-LANGUAGE , etc) - refer LEVINE for more
details. (You can cook up a lot of ideas with LEX & YACC)

3. One simple and a good utility is to develop cb (C-Beautify), It works as
    - It checks for matching braces and indents the entire code
    - Its indenting is based on the tab-space specified
    - You could think of indenting comments etc.

I'm not sure about the complexity of your project. If it is a mini project,
then stick to small parsers or small pre-existing utilities.

If you think "BIG"  let me know!!!

Aditya R Rao

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> hello people
> i need some information about the 'make' utility. please refer me to some
> information. in case you can send some info you might have,
> i'll be really thankful
> also please suggest me some utilities that can be developed in linux, i
> that as a sem project.
> regards
> rahul "zombie"
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