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Re: Permissions. Warning !!!

Amarendra GODBOLE wrote:
> This is a warning to people who use the free shell facility provided by many
> foreign servers like m-net, sdf, symonds, etc..
> Please make sure that your home directory(.) has permissions 700 or 711.

thats an age-old fact anyway! why the suden "realization"?
also u mean "~" by the home directory.

> This prevents "bash" users to PEEK into your directory and copy the contents.

not "bash" users, but *ANY* users on the system!

> Generally, the free shell accounts do not have the umask properly set, and
> this problem arises.

so u can set it urself to 077 and b hapy!

btw, chek out ur /etc/profile to see what is the umask on ur system. i
bet its 022! ;)