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Re: find command usage

I would do it this way

find . -name *.[ch] | grep -v "[23]600">cscope.file 

I don't know whether find has a negation operator similar to grep -v, but
i have a feeling its there, time for me to look the man pages


On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, harish bashettihalli wrote:

> Hi
> I am using a find that looks like this:
> find . -name '*[ch]' -follow -print >cscope.files
> The intention is to get a list of all files with .c and .h extension from
> the present directory recursively in to a file called cscope.files.
> If I want to selectively reject files that have '2600' and '3600' as part of
> the filename, how should I do it ?
> For instance, i want to reject say file '2600debug.h' .
> Can I do it in the same command with a different option ?
> Regards
> Harish
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