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Re: Re: Re: process space restriction

>> why highest user address possible, is 0xbfffffff
>Because somebody decided that the kernel needed 1 GB out of the possible
>4GB virtual address space on 32 bit machines.
>Now don't ask me why do registers have 32 bits ? :)
>	-Arun

where my questions that rediculous :)   & i wasn't specifically asking u to answer all of them
i know 32 bits are for 4 GB address space
 	0-0xBFFFFFFF for user-thead
	0-0xFFFFFFFF for kernel-thread
in each process.

actually, i am studying a little bit of it, my first interview is about 10 days away. & i don't know what they 
may ask ??  
some links for FAQs in interview for freshers would be helpful
__reply soon
__d ee p a k__