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Re: kdevelop setup


Perhaps you are trying to build the documentation. You need to download it
separately as it does not ship with distro. Or you can leave that field blank but
you won't have ready reference to KDE API's.

I would advice you to compile KDK instead. It contains cervisia+kdbg etc. It's
neat stuff and works in first shot on RHL 6.2. All you need to do is export QTDIR
and KDEDIR before you do ./configure;make;make install.

Anyway do checkout latest version of kdevelop i.e. 1.3. It allows you to create a
project out of any source tarball that depends upon autoconf i.e. uses

This will help many of us to contribute because first hurdle (At least I) faced is
no documentation for code developers. :-(


Arun Sharma wrote:

> On Sat, Dec 30, 2000 at 11:29:19AM +0000, Rajeev Rao wrote:
> > Hello,
> >    I'm trying to configure kdevelop. When I run the setup, at some point the
> > wizard asks for the KDE-LIB sources directory. I'm using RH 6.2; I have
> > searched throughout my hard-disk and have not been able to locate this
> > directory. I have already tried, /usr/doc/kdelibs-devel-1.1.2 and its
> > various subdirectories
> > /usr/doc/kde
> Try /usr/lib. That's where libkde*.so's reside. Kdevelop should be interested
> only in /usr/include and /usr/lib on a RH 6.2 box.