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Re: Intel 64 bit architechture

Pratap Chakravarthy wrote (pratap.chakravarthy@xxxxxxxxx):

> It seems that IA64 will become very popular. I dont know whether it is
> really a revolutionary architechture like i386, but it do seems that it has
> some innovative concepts.
Hmmm... don't anything know about the "revolutionary" and "innovative" bits in
your statement :)

> If so is linux has to be "rewritten" for that architechture. Please suggest
> some pointers on them.
The starting point for any linux port begins with a gcc port.
* Gygnus has done considerable work in porting gcc, binutils and other
  development tools to the ia64.
* The Trillian project http://www.linuxia64.org/ is aimed at developing linux
  for the ia64. Many industry heavy weights are beind this one.

And incidentally, today redhat announced the beta version of RH linux for
ia64. It has been on most ftp servers for a while though.
Friendly folks at sourceforge.net have several linux ia64 machines you can
develop/test your software on (all for free).

- Raja